Saturday, January 18, 2014

Want a proven jumpstart for your weight loss? Need extra income?

After watching an acquaintance lose over 100lbs, I reached out to her to see what she had done.  She shared with me that she started with a 24 Day Challenge.  I started Advocare products August 2012 to jumpstart my weight loss.  I achieved my 50 lb goal in about 5 months and felt better than I have felt in years.  About 4 months into it, I started tennis for recreational exercise but had not done any exercise before that; simply done by eating 3 healthy meals, snacks in between and the supplements!
My weight loss results helped us earn an extra income and by November 2012 we were earning an EXTRA $1,000 a month sharing the products that were changing my life!  We used that income for me to reduce my hours at work and have more time with our three beautiful daughters.  By March of 2013, we were averaging $4,000 a month sharing Advocare and I came home from my 17 year career in Human Resources to be a more visible Mom and Wife.  I now get to do class parties, car line and PTA.  Maybe being an at home mom isn't your dream but would $500 a month bridge a gap in your household or make a difference?  Would losing 10lbs or 100lbs make a difference?  We have an answer.

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